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You can make a difference in whichever way possible, because our wellbeing is most sustainable when we support others to drop piece-by-piece the numerous burdens that cause disability. When others begin to find purpose and meaning of life, our own purpose and meaning are cushioned and uninterrupted, because toxicity from the unwell others becomes less too less to undermine progressive growth and development of others. In other words, the wellbeing of others is key to the wellbeing of oneself. We can only share with you some of the many options you can use to support our cause and make a positive difference in the lives of others, and with many returns back to oneself. Your support is always welcome to strengthen our resolve in supporting efforts towards a better world for everyone. You may support us in the following ways;

  • You can support our fundraiser under the theme, “developing virtual office and digital infrastructure for assessment of mental health issues and accessing online-based recovery services for clients in Africa and around the World. The campaign focuses on changing lives of an average two individuals in every family, who suffer from episodic mental disorders and the spontaneous of thousands in schools, workplaces, and neighbourhood; and millions of others in a long-term.
  • Campaign to develop a digital mental health management system in Uganda and surrounding countries.
  • Click here to participate in our historical mental health campaign themed “IMI GLOBE CAMPAIGN”.
  • Request for our bank information by emailing us
  • Complete sponsorship form below and indicate how you wish to support us.

IMI Sponsorship Form

  • Transfer utilization of used items and equipment, such as field van, motorcyle, children play items, reading books, children and teenage clothes, computer sets, internet boosters, and phones for rural community empowerment.
  • Organize and lead fundraisers on our behalf with consent of our administrator.
  • Participate in distribution of support items in target communities.
  • Or click here to donate directly to IMI.
  • Buy our products.


  • Share information about us.


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