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  • Critical and URGENT: A Call for Funding

Psychosocial services and trauma management services are urgently needed in Mbale to support recovery of flood victims. This follows  calls through our hotline number for urgent intervention. To support Mbale interventions, email us:

By @IMI_Globe:

  • You are welcome to support our fundraiser under the theme, “developing virtual office and digital infrastructure for assessment of mental health issues and accessing online-based recovery services for clients in Africa and around the World. The campaign focuses on changing lives of an average two individuals in every family, who suffer from episodic mental disorders and the spontaneous of thousands in schools, workplaces, and neighbourhood; and millions of others in a long-term.

  • Campaign to develop a digital mental health management system in Uganda and surrounding countries.
  • Click here to participate in our historical mental health campaign themed “IMI GLOBE CAMPAIGN”.
  • Request for transaction details by emailing us
  • Sponsor hosting and mantainence of IMI for 5 years @ USD 1500.
  • Join fundraiser to facilitate operations of Freedom Daycare and Nursery School,  access to early childhood learning and development, and a return to school of learners after lockdown.

  • Support a budget item for the school and express interest to do so by email

  • Volunteer and intern teachers in early childhood learning and development are also welcome to offer their time, knowledge and skills to management and learners of the school.

  • See School Fundraiser budget below for chosen item to support or sponsor.


  • Complete sponsorship form below and indicate how you wish to support us.

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  • Transfer utilization of used items and equipment, such as field van, motorcycle, children play items, reading books, children and teenage clothes, computer sets, internet boosters, and phones for rural community empowerment.
  • Organize and lead fundraisers on our behalf with consent of our administrator.
  • Participate in distribution of support items in target communities.
  • Or click here to donate directly to IMI.
  • Buy our products.


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