Be Involved

  • Sharing information about our work.
  • Refer clients to us.
  • Collaborating with us in research and development.
  • Volunteering with us as psychotherapist, mentoring, international coordinator, community welfare manager, fundraising and partnership manager, rehabilitation, followup therapist, advocacy, and communication specialist.
  • Sharing growth and development opportunities with our clients.
  • Sponsoring 1 client on psychotherapy and rehabilitation program.
  • Donating digital communication devices to our organization.
  • Mobilizing financial resources for at least one program area.
  • Contributing articles to our post section and blog on turn-around life experiences.
  • Supporting website hosting and maintenance for 5 years.  
  • Receive mental health training to support our efforts to realize sustainable wellbeing.

Free training foundational and specialist courses on mental health are available. Click link below for further information.

Free Mental Health Courses

Sponsorship Form is available for prospective sponsors below.

IMI Sponsorship Form

Contact us by email for further information:

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