Our Values

We cherish our values, because they shape our beliefs, character, and culture in fulfilment of IMI mandate to serve humanity to be well, happy, and peaceful. They include:

1. Client-centeredness
Clients motivation and needs are key to understanding emerging cases and designing appropriate therapy or set of therapeutic interventions to administer or manage them for best results.

2. Professionalism

Our services are guided by best practices from the existing standards of care and emerging evidence-based case management data to guarantee quality outcomes from therapeutic interventions we do.

3. Continuous learning:
We take refuge in continuous learning to be in the best position to manage peculiar cases that our clients present to us, accelerate healing and support sustainable wellbeing.

4. Commitment:
We are reliable, analytical, committed, determined, and persistent in pursuing our goal using established, improved standards of care, and latest therapeutic innovations to support recovery and enable healthy living.

5. Collaboration:
We are who we want our others to be. We exercise self-masterly, calmness, and patience and strategic focus on what we set out to achieve and be reliable partners to collaborate with. Together we adopt same values to meet the mid and long-term wellness targets, by developing internal resilience to support efforts towards long-term recovery and sustainable wellbeing of our clients.